April 7, 2014

5:00pm - 7:00 pm

The Urban Assembly, 90 Broad Street, Suite 2101 New York, NY 10004

5:00 - 5:05    Opening Prompt/Introductions, facilitated by Jen

Who are you? What excites you most about this project?

5:05 - 5:20     Review of Meeting Norms/Purpose/Scope facilitated by Maddy

Meeting agreements:

  • We agree to center our work on the core values (curiosity, empathy, risk-taking, self awareness, resilience).
  • We agree to engage in design thinking, and understand that this work is iterative.
  • We agree to engage in a growth mindset.
  • We agree to document our process.
  • We agree to respect each other's time.

Purpose of this meeting:

  • To introduce planning team members to the first iteration of planning tools
  • To get critical feedback on those tools for the next iteration

Scope of critical feedback for this evening: 

  • All materials will need to emphasize growth mindset, design thinking, and project based/challenge based learning and the core values
  • To what extent are the current materials supporting growth mindset, design thinking, project based learning, core values?
  • What would we change to improve them?

Work of the planning team for the future:

  • Developing common language around instructional objectives
  • Development of Skills Rubrics

  • Fleshing out of CTE Framework

  • Development of Schedule

5:30 pm - 5:50 Core Values Exploration facilitated by Ivy

  • Participants are paired up,
  • Given one artifact, and a paper with the core values.
  • Pairs are tasked with reviewing the artifact and
    • documenting where they see the artifact is aligned or supporting the core values.
    • documenting the questions they have about the artifact, and how it will be used
    • (Prize to team that generates the most questions!)


  • rubric draft
  • growth mindset thinking tool
  • unit plan template
  • lesson plan template

5:50 - 6:15 Teams Share out Findings


  • What worked today? (5 min)
  • What didn’t? (5 min)
  • What suggestions do you have to improve this meeting for next time? (5 min)
  • What suggestions do you have for what’s next?

What’s Next?


6:15 - 6:20 Explanation of Tuning Protocol

6:20 - 6:35 Tuning protocol around Design Thinking Tool

I liked...

A challenge I see...

A question I have about it is...