Dear UA Maker Parent,

As part of the UA Maker community, you are also a member of the

UA Maker Academy Parent's Association (UAMAPA).


We are excited about sharing some of the great activities and events we have planned ahead, as well as providing you with useful resources. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this letter so you don’t miss any important information.


Please bookmark the Parent Association webpage at the UA Maker website:

where you’ll find information and announcements throughout the year.

We are excited to start the year off BIG and make our kids proud!


At our meetings and in the coming weeks, you and your students will learn all about the fantastic clubs, sports, academic and guidance programs that are offered at UA Maker, as well as how to take full advantage of these.

We will also talk about ways in which you and your child can get involved in our school community, make differences and HAVE FUN TOGETHER!!!

We’ll also have UA Maker t-shirts, sweatshirts and other merchandise available for sale. So come and get ready to show off yours and your child's school spirit with your UA Maker gear at upcoming activities and events!!!!


The PA is run by volunteer parents who organize meetings, schedule speakers, plan community activities, and host fundraisers for the UA Maker community. One of the main objectives of the PA is to raise much needed funds to bridge the gap between what the DOE provides and the enrichment and resources that our students deserve. Our calendar will be filled with fabulous events, which may include:

  • Parent-student engagement activities

  • Parent-student involvement workshops

  • Friendly competition

  • Financial Literacy Seminars

  • School Camaraderie Events

  • Establishing community partnerships

  • Guest speakers

  • Potlucks

  • Career Fairs & Workshops

  • Fundraisers - UA Maker Merchandise sales, Bake sales, Book and Novelty sales, Raffles, Online auctions and fundraisers

  • Chances to win tickets to arts, theater and comedy performances


Our schedule for PA (6pm) and SLT (4:30) meetings for the 2018-2019 school year is as follows:

  • October 3rd

  • November 7th

  • December 5th

  • January 9th

  • February 6th

  • March 6th

  • April 3rd

  • May 1st

  • June 5th

Stay tuned for monthly schedule of activities and events.

Come & Join us at our next PA meeting on October 3rd, 2018 @ 6pm!!!

We're excited and looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Warm regards,

Andy Kjellgren, PA President

Evie Radner, PA Vice President

Owen Evans, PA Treasurer

Mirna D. Matos, PA Secretary


Email us any time at


The Urban Assembly Maker Academy

411 Pearl Street

New York, NY 10038

Directions by train/Cómo llegar en tren:

2, 3 to fulton street

A, C to fulton street

4, 5, 6 to Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall

J, Z to Chambers Street