Bridget BINNS

Born in Manhattan and raised nearby, Ms. Binns started teaching at UA Maker in Fall 2017. Prior to that, she taught self-contained classes in District 75 in the summer of 2014. She attended art college.



Jason has always been passionate about teaching and learning outside of the classroom. After graduating from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Jason traveled to Mexico and Ecuador for yoga, surfing, and Spanish classes. Shortly after, he moved to Spain, and taught English at a public elementary school. A year later, his passion for experiential learning guided him to Outward Bound, and the field of outdoor education. As a field instructor, Jason worked for Outward Bound bases in Australia, Boston, and New York. After field instructing, he spent a year and a half working as a dean at an Outward Bound affiliated high school in Brooklyn, New York. While at this school, the Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders, he was introduced to Restorative Justice - which quickly became his passion and inspiration in the field of education. In addition, during his summers, he started leading service trips in Central America. His personal travels have brought him to over thirty countries and six continents. Most recently, Jason completed his Master of Arts in Secondary Inclusive Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. As a special education teacher, he looks forward to fostering inclusive learning spaces at UA Maker - both in and out of the classroom. Jason hopes that after leaving UA Maker, his students will feel prepared to meet opportunities and obstacles - as they pursue their individual and communal goals. He is always looking to collaborate, so please feel free to reach out!


Lynette Gonzalez


Shari Plummer





Jared Russo is a life long learner and Special Education teacher. He completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of California Berkeley, and a Master of Arts at the New York University. He is a proud visual artist, and believes that performance and practice in the arts are excellent training ground for character and critical thinking. Most recently he put his philosophy into action leading the Sony Stop-Motion Animation Project and the Music Unites Youth Choir.