Alex Sosa is a native New Yorker and successful graduate of the New York City Public School system.  Through his dedicated educators and mentors, he has come to love learning about life through literature. Alex believes English class teaches us more than just to read and write; it teaches us to think critically about the world we live in and how we can actively shape it instead of being shaped by it. 

As an English Teacher with UA Maker, Alex hopes to use technology in his classroom to redefine the way learners experience literature.  He believes in harnessing student’s knowledge to create a rich classroom culture of varied and valued experiences.  These collective experiences will lead to sharp, dynamic writing that occupies the page with the learner’s stories, and, in the process, creating literature that is both insightful and introspective. 

Alex completed his Bachelor of Arts at Hunter College In New York City, and his Master of Arts in Secondary English at Boston College’s Donovan Urban Scholars Program.  He currently resides in Brooklyn, where he adventures for fun foods to eat.

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