Anthony Segreti   Social Studies

Anthony Segreti

Social Studies

Anthony Segreti, Social Studies

Anthony Segreti is a Social Studies teacher at UA Maker.  Before Anthony became a teacher, he had a two year stint as a government contractor with the technology company, Northrop Grumman.  His experience at Northrop Grumman was positive, but he was not passionate about the job and so Anthony found himself in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh to earn a teaching certification in Social Studies Education. Anthony began teaching in 2009 and has experience in developing curriculum and providing instructional support to his fellow educators, all in support of positive outcomes for students.  Anthony has always loved history and he was always helping his younger siblings with their schoolwork as a child, so becoming an educator was a natural fit.

In 2012, Anthony relocated and began teaching at a new high school in Newark, NJ, called People's Prep.  In Newark, he served as chair of the History Department, an instructional coach, and an advisory leader.  After four years, Anthony's advisory had graduated and his attention was captured by UA Maker and its unique approach to education by empowering students through the Design Thinking methodology.  

Like nearly everyone who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, he is very proud of his city and will proselytize about how great it is to no end - he apologizes in advance.  In his spare time, Anthony enjoys playing hockey, seeing live music, and trying new restaurants.

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