Ben Hoser   Earth Science

Ben Hoser

Earth Science

Ben Hoser, Earth Science

Ben teaches Earth Science at UA Maker and extends the school’s Australia contingent into the sciences. Ben has a Bachelor of Arts in Geoscience from the University of Sydney, and a Master of Arts in Secondary Science Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Ben firmly believes that students learn most effectively when they are engaged and intrinsically motivated, and he prides himself on being able to find ways to make learning enjoyable and relevant for all students. To this end, Ben’s approach to Earth Science is expansive and interdisciplinary. Ben combines traditional Earth Science skills and content with social justice, sustainability, and human geography topics to teach a subject that more closely resembles Geography than traditional Earth Science.

Ben is also a maker at heart, bringing woodworking and culinary experience to his teaching. Ben is constantly looking for opportunities to get out of the classroom, to learn earth science in nature with real rocks and plants and animals replacing pictures and descriptions. This carries through into Ben’s personal life – when not teaching, Ben loves hiking and rock climbing, travel and food, adventure, exploration, and taking on new challenges.

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