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Brock Burkett has spent his entire life asking "why?"  To date, his parents, teachers, friends and even employers have given him answers when they have them, pointed him to encyclopedias and the Internet when they don't, and always encouraged him to stay curious.  Brock asks his students to be equally curious ... correct answers in math are great, but knowing how and why students get these answers is much more important.  Brock cares deeply about teaching the story of math: knowing how it's all connected is the key to success!

Brock graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in Computer Science, and has had long-standing careers in software development, medical engineering, business intelligence, record label management and DJ performance.  When not in the classroom, Brock can be found hiking, camping and rock climbing in upstate New York or United States national parks.  He is currently completing his Master of Arts in Education at Hunter College.

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