Clint Laird

Originally from Ohio, Clint Laird earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music and English from the University of Dayton. After living in Central America, immersing himself in both the culture and the language, he returned to his Alma Mater to earn a Master of Science in Education with an emphasis in Guidance Counseling.  A few years later, Clint also received his Master of Social Work degree and is recognized as a LMSW.  As a result of his training and experiences, Clint takes an approach with students that is both solution focused and dynamic. He uses various therapeutic and mindfulness techniques to reduce emotional reactivity and promote an attention to the present moment.  Clint assists students with everyday life struggles as well as acute crisis moments.  He encourages all students in building self-insight, acceptance, compassion and morality. Clint is available to support any UA Maker student/family and is stoked to be a part of the UA Maker team.

Outside of school, Clint enjoys a multitude of different activities.  He is an avid runner, yogi and hopelessly addicted to Orange Theory.  He completed his yoga teacher certification in 2014 and is desperately trying to change the world one yoga class at a time.  In addition to these hobbies, Clint danced professionally for 5 seasons with MamLuft&Co Dance in Cincinnati, Ohio.  With the rest of his spare time, he recharges by hanging out at home or exploring the city with his partner in crime Adam and their dog Carlos.

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