Luke has been a teacher and administrator, working in both middle and high schools since 2002. Luke started his career in Kansas City, Kansas working at Turner High School as a high school social studies teacher and a baseball, basketball, and soccer coach. In 2006, he began working at East Bronx Academy for the Future (EBA), a 6-12 South Bronx school, where he taught both middle and high school social studies. In 2007 while still at EBA, Luke founded the Boston Road Alliance of Small Schools Athletic League to provide opportunities for students from small schools to compete in athletics. During the first three years there were 6-8 schools who participated in boys and girls basketball which culminated each year in a final tournament.

Luke became an Assistant Principal at EBA in 2008 and helped develop the school’s use of mini-observations, interim assessments, and real-world performance assessments to improve student achievement. Luke strongly believes students should learn to apply skills and knowledge to real-world situations because that is what will be asked of them in college and the world of work. While at EBA, Luke realized his passion for working with high school students. He believes these years are important for students to build the academic skills needed to be successful after high school and for figuring out who they are as individuals. Luke enjoys supporting them in both of these journeys.

In 2012, he joined Odell Education and helped develop and write a Common Core literacy curriculum for New York State, which is featured on the Engage New York website. In 2013, Luke was appointed Director of Professional Development for Odell Education where he created and delivered training for teachers, principals, superintendents and other leaders in districts across the United States. It has been a dream come true to be the founding Principal of the Urban Assembly Maker Academy (UA Maker). 

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