Are you ready to make the future?

The Urban Assembly Maker Academy (UA Maker) prepares you for college and careers by focusing on industries that creatively use technology to solve problems. You don't have to be a "techie" to enroll at UA Maker - our school seeks young people who are curious about the way things work and interested in prototyping innovative solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. You will use technology in a highly personalized environment that engages professionals at the top of their fields to guide challenge based learning. Our school features new kinds of classroom experiences that recreate what the workplace looks and feels like for tech professionals. We support and empower you to become the next generation of engineers, designers, and inventors.

We want you to tackle real problems in the world. We want you to experiment with solutions.  Most importantly,  we want you to develop the skills, tools, and habits of inquiry to be tomorrow's “makers.” 

Like all schools of the Urban Assembly, we are a public, limited unscreened school. We don't look at scores.  You apply to our school by the NYC High School Application, just like you would any other high school.  Attend one of our information sessions to make sure we are a good fit for you.

We are proud of our extremely diverse population of students, representing all five boroughs,  and many levels of previous academic success! 


Come with us.  Let's make the future together!