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January 2nd, 2018

January Regents are coming! Students invited to attend will get their invitation from their adviser TOMORROW (1/3/18)

A few reminders:

- Not all students are taking Regents Exams in January. If you don't have a regents ticket for a student it means they aren't scheduled to take any exams this session. Not sure if your student will get an invitation? Speak to his or her adviser.
- The majority of 9th grader do NOT have any exams in January unless they were nominated to take something early. 9th grades typically will take exams in June instead.
- 10th-12th graders are generally scheduled for regents if they need to re-take an exam to pass or meet college readiness marks. Attending and passing these exams are often critical for progress to graduation.
- The self-nomination form is closed. We are generally not taking requests to schedule additional students to take exams due to the need to order materials and set up proctoring schedules in advance. If a student has a passionate reason for adding an exam or if you think one of your seniors really needs to take a specific exam that's not on their invitation, please speak to your child's adviser.
- Students are required to attend all the regents they are scheduled for. 
- Students only attend school during the week of January 22nd on the dates and times on their Regents ticket. There are no regular classes that week, and no Regents exams on Friday. 
- Students should arrive to school 30 minutes before the exam start time to check in their cellphones and sign in to their room.
- Regents prep continues the next 3 Saturdays at 9-11:30am.