Welcome to UA Maker! Our building is CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS this Summer! We look forward to meeting new students on September 7th, 2017 at 9 am.

The following letter is being mailed out to you:

July 25, 2017


UA Maker Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year. I am so incredibly excited to start learning with all of you this fall. This year we will celebrate our first graduating class of seniors from Maker Academy. This is a tremendous accomplishment for our senior class, their families, and all of those teachers and staff members who have supported them throughout their journey. For our 9-11th grade students it will be a year to focus on their pathways to graduation and beyond. Every student at Maker will gain exposure to planning for life after high school through our advisory program which will meet 3 times a week for all students.

I encourage all students to be planning out the best way to travel to Maker Academy. Being on time to school is very important. This year we will have two start times depending on the day of the week. Monday and Tuesday school will run 8:20-2:40. On Wednesday-Friday school will run 9:00-3:20. I want every one of you to think about which trains you are going to take so you are on time. Students that maintain a 95% of higher attendance rate do better in school. If you miss days you will struggle to earn credits and graduate on time.

I also want every student to think about how you can get involved in an after school activity. We know that students who are involved do better in school. Be sure to get signed up for after-school activities during the first few weeks of school.

There are several important forms that all students (incoming and current) need to return to the school by the first day of school, September 7th, 2017.  

DUE Thursday September 7, 2017

Please use this checklist to make sure you return all required paperwork.

_____Blue Card

_____Lunch Form Completed Online (https://www.myschoolapps.com/Application)

_____Residency Questionnaire

_____Consent to Photograph, Film, Or VideoTape (only new graders)

_____RAND Form (only new students)

_____Technology Agreement (only new students)

_____Handbook and Handbook Acknowledgement


_____PSAL Physical Form (sports only)


Luke Bauer, Principal


Completen el Jueves, Septiembre 8, 2016


Julio 25, 2016


Estudiantes y Padres,


Bienvenidos al año escolar 2016-2017. En esta carpeta hay información necesaria para el próximo año escolar. Hay varios formularios importantes que todos los estudiantes (entrantes y de hoy en día) necesita llenar para volver a la escuela en, Septiembre 7, 2016 que es el primer dia de la escuela.


Si usted es un alumno del noveno grado y se ha programado una visita durante el mes de agosto con su asesor, por favor devuelva los formularios a continuación. Si el estudiante es del nueve grado y aún no a hecho una visita con su asesor, por favor llame al (212) 225-0890.


Completen el Jueves, Septiembre 7, 2016


Por favor, utilice esta lista de comprobación para asegurarse de que devolver todos los documentos requeridos.


_____Tarjeta Azul con información de contacto

_____Forma del Almuerzo completado en línea (https://www.myschoolapps.com/Application)

_____Cuestionario de Residencia

_____El consentimiento para fotografía, película o video etc.

_____Formulario de RAND

_____El acuerdo de el uso de tecnología

_____Manual del las reglas de escolares

_____Compra de utiles escolares



_____ PSAL Forma Física (para deportes)


Luke Bauer, Principal