What is a Maker? 

Why Makers?

When we see a human need that’s not being met, we make things. We solve problems by making objects, ideas, and actions... And with so much technology available to us, we can be makers who solve problems like never before.

What are some qualities of a Maker?

  • Makers seek to understand problems that people face. For this reason, UA Maker focuses on primary sources - these are first-hand accounts of experiences, and help us understand the nature of problems from people’s points of view. Primary sources inspire creativity, as well as give us an opportunity to better develop our empathy for the challenges of others.

  • Makers form and test solutions based on what they understand of the problem. Not every solution they test will work , and many won’t. For this reason, UA Maker fosters creative confidence in students. Our school is a place where failure is encouraged because it means we have tried, and trying is the way to a better solution. Creative confidence helps us develop our abilities in risk-taking and helps lead us to becoming more resilient.

  • Makers believe that if their hard work leads to a good solution it can spare other people the effort of trying to solve the same problem from scratch. For this reason, UA Maker uses Creative Commons Licensing; when we build on the work of others we give them credit, and we put new work out into the world so we can help as we were helped. Sharing things through open source allows us to get feedback from others, which contributes to our self awareness of our growth.

Are you ready to make the future?

The Urban Assembly Maker Academy (UA Maker) prepares you for college and careers by focusing on industries that creatively use technology to solve problems. You don't have to be a "techie" to enroll at UA Maker - our school seeks young people who are curious about the way things work and interested in prototyping innovative solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. We support and empower you to become the next generation of engineers, designers, and inventors.  Through all of your coursework,  you will develop the skills, tools, and habits of inquiry to be tomorrow's “makers.”  


Come with us.  Let's make the future together!