JUINORS: Become an executive for the summer through the Innovation Research Fellowship

In this innovative internship program, Gen Z juniors will be matched with a Fortune 500 company and learn to lead by creating a corporate executive team, advocating for their communities, and dividing into groups to help corporations learn how to deeper engage with local communities. Industries represented include Healthcare, Beauty, Tech, Finance, and more!
- Learn to grow your network and build wealth
- Participate in a 10-month program supporting College Prep
- Learn how to earn college credits and scholarships
Learn more and apply at www.seedsoffortune.org/innovation
Eligibility requirements:
- 2.7 GPA
- Must be a high school junior or senior
- Must identify as a female student of color (African American, Asian American, Latino/a/x, Native American)
Let Nkomo know if you are interested and need help applying!