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Meet the Principal

Dear Urban Assembly Maker Academy Community,
I hope this message finds you all eagerly anticipating the enriching academic journey that lies ahead. It brings me great joy to extend a warm welcome to both returning and new members of our community.
At Urban Assembly Maker Academy, our commitment to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and innovation is reflected in the outstanding work of our students. As we gear up for the new academic year, I'm thrilled to share some examples of the exemplary student work that underscores the rigor of our academic programs.
Take, for instance, the innovative projects produced by our students in the "Make-A-Fit" Closet initiative. Not only do they demonstrate a deep understanding of design principles, but they also showcase the practical application of their skills to address real-world challenges like fast fashion and poverty. This is a testament to the high standards we set for ourselves at Maker.
Our Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways are not just theoretical pursuits; they are immersive experiences that demand a rigorous application of knowledge. From coding to graphic design, our students engage in hands-on projects that mirror the complexity of the professional world.
Moreover, our Work-Based Learning (WBL) opportunities are not just simulations but authentic experiences that challenge our students to apply their academic knowledge in professional settings. The quality of work produced during these experiences reflects the depth of understanding and the level of excellence that we strive for at Maker.
As Principal, I am immensely proud of our dedicated educators, staff, and, most importantly, our students, who consistently demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence. The high standards we set for ourselves, as evidenced by the caliber of student work, position Maker as a hub of innovation and intellectual growth.
I encourage all members of our community to explore and celebrate the impressive array of student work on display on our website and Instagram accounts. It is a testament to the rigorous academics and the transformative educational experiences that await each student at Maker.
If you have any questions, ideas, or if there's anything you'd like to discuss, please don't hesitate to reach out. Together, let's make this academic year a journey of exploration, achievement, and academic rigor.
Here's to a year of academic excellence and continuous growth!
Warm regards,
Amy Piller
Urban Assembly Maker Academy