PTA Meeting with Election for open seat on Executive Board

Hello Urban Assembly Maker Academy Community!
The next meeting of the UA Maker Parent Teacher Association is scheduled for Wednesday, October 4th at 6pm.
We're excited about the possibilities for this school year, and the enthusiasm of the PTA to build community. We hope you'll plan to join us!
Please note that we will be holding elections during this meeting for the open position of Vice President/Co Vice President.. If you are interested in running for PTA Vice President, please complete the google form linked here.
(Please note: If you would like to run as a co vice president you must run together with someone on the slate.)
The agenda for the upcoming meeting is as follows:
Call to Order
Reading and Approval of Minutes
President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Principal’s Report
School Leadership Team Report
Committee Reports
Community Events & Involvement
Old Business
New Business
Vice President Election
Here are links to the June 7th and September 13th PTA meetings. Please review these in preparation for their approval at the meeting.
We look forward to seeing you on the 4th!
In community,
Your PTA Executive Board,
Ines Collazo, Co-President
Tamika Henderickson, Co-President
Allision Malcom, Treasurer

Carlie Steen, Secretary
Meeting ID: 993 7088 9748 Passcode: 933425