Regents are coming!

After School Regents Prep: We will begin preparing students who need to take the Regents in January.

A majority of our 11th graders will be sitting for the ELA Regents on Tuesday, January 23rd

Many of our Algebra 2 students (which includes 9th and 10th graders) will be sitting for the Algebra 1 Regents on January 24th

Our 9th graders in Algebra 1 will be coming in on January 25th for a Mock Regents.

Regents Prep for Seniors who still need to pass an exam for graduation will be held on this schedule:

    • ELA will be in Room 403 with Chad on Tuesdays and Fridays

    • Living Environment in Room 443 with Beth on Mondays and Thursdays

    • Global History with Dan in Room 425 on Tuesdays 

    • US History with Idris in Room 425 on Fridays