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Amy Piller grew up going to New York City public schools, and has been working in them the last 14 years as an English teacher, special educator, basketball coach, video maker, co-founder, curriculum director, vertical farmer, fundraiser, cookie baker, writer, student-work-promoter, and assistant principal for the last 7 years. She co-founded the Urban Assembly Unison School in 2013, where she served as a teacher, coach and then Assistant Principal for five years, during which she co-led a successful initiative to improve the school’s performance, including fundraising 3 million dollars for the creation of a hydroponic farm capable of producing 25 thousand pounds of produce per year to be developed and led by students. Having grown up in District 15, she moved to MS88 where she joined the Assistant Principal’s Leadership Initiative in fall of 2019 as she prepared to become a principal, and participated in the D15 Diversity Initiative helping to desegregate the district. Before taking on school leadership, Amy spent 7 years as a classroom teacher and instructional leader - primarily in literacy and special education but including math, science, film and Advisory. A
my strongly believes that students learn best through having agency and autonomy over their own learning. She knows that students do their best work in a supportive, equitable environment that celebrates their identities and encourages them to be the writers of their once and future stories and makers of their individual dreams and dream keepers of their collective community dreams.  
It is a dream come true for her to be the Principal of the Urban Assembly Maker Academy. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Joe and daughter, Frances.